Where did it all happen


CCV is a payment solution partner for a broad range of European companies. CCV service both small and large businesses – from international chains to independent stores – in various markets. European cross-border trade is set to grow in the years ahead. We aim to help our customers benefit from the knowledge and expertise of our European employees.


ING CB is a leading international corporate bank, combining market knowledge of its 40 country network with macro-economic insights..


AmericanExpress is a global financial services company that provides customers with access to products, insights and experiences that enrich lives and build business success.

About me

Twentea years of payment experience

'Born and raised' as a photographer I'm used to look at things from different angles. Get a clear picture and release. Knowing there are several ways to tackle a problem.

I started in the black&white era. POS were big and slow but were there to stay. The game changers were the size of the POS and transaction speed. EMV and e-commerce colored our world. Made it secure and largely accepted. Now we move into the digital world. Blockchains and crypto currency will change the world and certainly the payments arena.

Have a nice journey and make some great pictures to remember it.

Hans van Willigen